Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen 2014.04.19: Aiba + Engrish + Camels




Lovechild of Sakura and Gaara.

I’m dead lmfao.

i see you reblogging that post 

and i raise you one ‘bringing this back

Anna’s & Elizabeth’s Eyes - appreciation post.

alsoalice replied to your post: its been i dont know 5 years or even l…

She’s cute as hell!!

thank you so much <3

its been i dont know 5 years or even longer since Ive last drew a naruto oc……I just saw an old drawing of my oc Kumai on my harddrive, and I thought to myself why not just redraw her, and give her a new look…and so I did


that about sums up all 12 volumes